Astral women / Astral kvinnorna

Astral women / Astralkvinnorna (working title The Last Woman- was filmed on 16mm film in 2015 at the infamous Blue Maiden Island, an offshore witch island island on the South East coast of Sweden. The first edit was finished March 2016. It explores spells, curses, stones, myths and the entwining of capitalism and superstition through feminist methodologies and landscape.



This project is also part of Experimental Heritage in further research of old knowledge, power of stones and witchcraft (Swedish only):

I am currently working on ceramic objects after the Donna Haraway quote: 'A spell can't be written, it must be cast'. These objects will be part of a final edition launching summer 2018 as part of the Timemachine App and Experimental Heritage. Venue TBC.



LPERSSON_installCanape performance

The first edit for screening was ready March 2016 for the exhibition at Canapé Canopy in Auckland, New Zealand-


In this iteration I also curated a film screening programme with Jean Painlevé (FR), Maria Johansson and Etta Säfve (NO & SE), Victoria Skogsberg (SE/ UK), Tamara Henderson and Bridget Currie (CA & AUS), SuSu Laroche (FR/ ENG), Oskar Aglert (SE), Calvin Laing (UK), Etta Säfve (SE)


And I also commissioned a live score during my film with Pip Stafford, sound artist in Hobart/Tasmanina via Skype which could be viewed at one of the events. See image to the right.


In May 2016 Astral women was selectd by Hannah Conroy and Adam Chodzko as part of the project 'Of the sea' / Perpetual liquidity

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