Astral Women / Astralkvinnorna


single channel, 16 mm film transferred to digital, 10 min


Blue Maiden, Sweden

With Siw Carlsson, Katrin Jonsson, Tova-Li Svensson


Liminality, 2016/17

16mm film transferred to digital (in progress)



Gestures, rituals, repetition

Installation with objects and movement

-test edition

Zeus Tears, 2015 (first edit for Iceland screening)

single channel, 7.56min w. sound

Installation, HD, Sound, performance


Tasmanian landscape, ghost towns and NSW Opal landscape and footage from the marine Goldcoast area Moreton Bay

Moving image works 2014-17


Nuortabealli 2014 (double screen edit)

16 mm transferred to digital with photography and animation and sound


sámi language for shadow from east in moonlight

Installation with curtains, seats and screens

Entropic Elucidation 2012/2017-18 (first edit)

16 mm transferred to digital and HD footage

(currenty being re-edited for a longer & different film)


Below shown as part of CHRomatic ADapTation MAtriX installation at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, Sweden


And then we ran away...2017

As part of Momentum Biennial

HD, sound recordings and photography


Western Australia, Goldfields, ghost towns, sacred sites and mythology

"The Hand for the Object, The Heart for Love, The Image of Her- Asgeirʼs House"



A love story inspired from East of Iceland and Geir an outsider artist.

-In progress

16 mm transferred to digital, HD footage, GIF's, and sound

AsgeirsHOuse3 LPERSSON_installCanape 11250214_10156233364585316_6153375413961876385_o handsinstall1